Choosing the Best Phone Plan

When looking at all the local phone and long distance services available through ConnectMyPhone, one of the first things you will notice is the excellent variety of phone service options available. You can get voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, etc.—and those are just your options with your local phone service. When you include long distance options, choosing your phone service can get overwhelming. You may find yourself with more phone service options than you really need. The best way to avoid charges for needless services is to examine exactly how you and your family use the phone. Some questions to think about when choosing options for your local phone service include:

When do you use the phone?

This is important because some phone companies offer different prices for the time of day your phone calls are made. You should look for a company that offers low prices during your most frequent call times.

How often do you make phone calls?

If you find that you make few or infrequent calls, it may be cheaper for you to look into a wireless plan rather than a landline. However, if you make a lot of calls, you may want to consider digital phone or VoIP service plans that offer one monthly price for unlimited local and long distance calling.

Who do you call most often?

Make a list of who you call most often and whether or not you are currently charged long distance fees to connect. Keep this list in mind when choosing a plan to make sure the calls you make frequently are at the lowest rates. Some phone companies have regional or state plans that allow you to call certain areas for a cheaper price.

Do you want people to be able to leave you messages?

Many phone companies offer voice mail for free or for a nominal charge, which is great if you need voice mail. However, if you don't check your messages often, you may not want to pay extra for voice mail. Also, if you have an answering machine, you probably don't need this service.

Do you want to see who is calling you before you pick up the phone?

Many people enjoy or feel more secure knowing who is calling before they answer the phone, but this is not necessary for everyone. If you don't feel you need to see who is calling, you may want to opt out on caller ID or find a service plan that includes the service in a value package with other services you know you want.

Do you often have people complaining that they hear a busy signal when they try to call you? Do you make long phone calls that keep other callers from reaching you?

If you don’t have a problem with people often calling you at the same time, you may not need call waiting. Call waiting can benefit you in times of emergency, but if you don’t make long phone calls, people should be able to get through to you relatively quickly without the need for call waiting.

Once you evaluate all these questions, you will find it much easier to browse all the options offered by phone companies. With assistance from ConnectMyPhone, you'll be able to get exactly what you need for an affordable price.

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