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Residential Phone Service

  • Compare residential phone companies that service your area to find one that matches all your needs and budget.
  • Save money by switching to a residential phone service that is perfect for you.
  • Enjoy the convenience of getting all your home services connected within minutes!
  • Bundle your residential phone service with other services and save by getting everything you need in one place.
  • Order other services and get everything you need for your home!

How Can ConnectMyPhone Help You?

Services From the Brands you Trust

Looking for phone, Internet or television service for your home? How about all three? Shop and order one or all of these services in one place. Find low prices on nationally-known and trusted communications companies.

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Bundle and Save

While you are shopping for your new service, why not think about getting all your services from one provider? Not only does this simplify your monthly bill, you might also be able to save some bucks each month. Click here to shop for bundles in your area.

Lowering Your Bills

Are you paying too much on your phone bill? Lowering your bill might be as simple as switching providers or getting a phone service with only the options you need. Once you enter your address, you will be able to compare phone service plans in your area. In addition, you can select only the phone options you use to make sure you aren't paying too much. Click here to shop for residential phone in your area.

Your Moving Resource

Moving? We have everything you need to make your move as easy as it can be. Not only can you connect your phone service in your new home, but you can connect your TV, Internet and more by entering your address. And to help with the actual move itself, you can get mover quotes, shop for storage facilities, order boxes and more.